Saturday, December 04, 2010

2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible: Matchbox

A Matchbox Mustang from 7-Eleven.

2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible from Matchbox Sports Cars 2010
Colour scheme similar to the '07 Ford Shelby GT500 from Hot Wheels Speed Machines, but this one has painted headlights, and even the fog lights are painted as well!

If you look carefully, you'll notice that the inner side of the doors (the plastic part) are separated from the rest of cabin, with some sort of snapping mechanism located just behind the front seats. So I guess that means they're using the same interior in another version of the car which has doors that could be opened. Which means there's a Shelby GT500 from Matchbox or Hot Wheels which has open-able doors? Hmm...

This is where the Matchbox version loses to the Hot Wheels SM version. Red stripes end at the rear spoiler, instead of continuing all the way through the rear bumper, and the taillights and the rear badge aren't painted. Both Hot Wheels and Matchbox are owned by Mattel, so if they can paint the headlights on the Matchbox version, and paint the taillights and the rear badge on the Hot Wheels SM version, then why can't they paint the headlights, the taillights, and the rear badge for both the Matchbox version and the Hot Wheels SM version? They got a lot of explaining to do to the consumers.


  1. nice casting, some models of MBX are better than HW, in the details and this one is a good example, congratz!!!!!

  2. Thanks! Some Matchbox casts are even better than Hot Wheels Speed Machines series, which cost twice as much. Too bad the variety of cars from Matchbox is not as extensive as Hot Wheels'. But I still love them both. :p

  3. I just paint them :) Lights I mean.