Sunday, December 19, 2010

'69 Ford Mustang: HW T-Hunt$

Finally got the Treasure Hunt I've been looking for! Special thanks to mushr00m! :)

'69 Ford Mustang from Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt$ 2010
Super Treasure Hunt, spectraflame green, flame tampo and rubber wheels make this the best Mustang in the 2010 lineup.


  1. congrats on ur $uper bro ;) i want toooo

  2. cantik wor..what if u detail a bit the tail lights at the back..sure more drool! :D

  3. @kown: Thanks bro! wish u luck in finding one. i also wanna find another one to keep carded. :P
    @kurz: huhu, takut, im not pro enough, later will end up in a mess.. :P