Sunday, December 12, 2010

'08 Honda Civic Type R: Matchbox

I never paid much attention to Matchbox die-casts, mainly because they don't have a lot of Mustangs, and their lineups are almost always the same. But today I managed to find a pretty cool car from Matchbox.

'08 Honda Civic Type R from Matchbox Metro Rides 2010
The details, especially in terms of tampos, are excellent.

The dark blue paint looks really nice on the Civic.

08 39V93 R. Can you guess what the rear plate means?


  1. nice MBX civic type R n also nice pic..congrats :)

  2. this MB Civic Type-R is the best casting in MB line up. the car detail easily beat most of the HW casting. ;-) congraz.

  3. The back is CIVIC.....C=3rd alphabet I=9th alphabet

  4. @kuku: thanks bro! yeah, i totally agree. most Matchbox die-casts are better than Hot Wheels, even sometimes better than the SM version. and this Civic is even better. im surprised by the amount of details they put on a RM4.50 diecast. :P gonna pay more attention to Matchbox cars now. :D
    @pydrumerboy: correcto! :)
    the 08 probably refers to 2008, so it would be 2008 Civic R. :)

  5. I've got a red one last time. Like this car! Detailed.

  6. Haha, I'm looking for the red one as well. Im not really a big fan of the Civic Type R, but the one from Matchbox is very well detailed, that I just cant resist buying.. :P