Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Xanavi Nismo Z Test Car 2007: Kyosho

As promised, here's the other Kyosho with the number '23'.

Xanavi Nismo Z Test Car 2007
My favourite car with my favourite number. Perfect, if not for the obvious spelling error... Damn.. But at least they didn't spell it as 'offecal'...

Just like the Kyosho Nissan R390, it cost me 900 Yen, and it comes with a nice display case, with the name of the car printed on top of the base. Thank God they got the name right.

Ain't she a beauty? She certainly looks good in matte black (ironically, it's a Fairlady). Anyway, there's supposed to be a small antenna on top of the roof, but I accidentally broke it and now it's somewhere under my bed. Trust me, it's not easy trying to find a 1:64 scale antenna under the bed with all the dusts and boogeyman and stuff.

Unlike the R390, the disc brakes are just stickers this time. And it doesn't even have the brake calipers. Nevertheless, it is still a beautiful cast, and I guess I could do without the calipers. It's not like the car needs to brake anyway. But man, she's gonna look real good with a set of red Brembo calipers. Now that's a real turn on. Yum yum...

Just to give you an idea of how small the cast is, which makes the already great details even more amazing at this kind of scale. A 50 cents coin's diameter is about 26.5mm.

A close-up shot of the front. Notice anything funny? Take a good look at the Nissan emblem. Not the red 'Nissan' tampo, but the emblem below it. Click to get a larger picture if you can't make out anything.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nissan R390 GT1 1997: Kyosho

This baby came all the way from the land of the rising sun... Kyosho Nissan R390 GT1 1997.

If it weren't for the shipping cost, this beauty would be ridiculously cheap! I think... Anyway, the price for this cast, not inclusive of shipping, was only 900 Yen (approximately RM33, or USD10). You even get a nice display case along with the car. And there was a similar cast, numbered '21', which  was even cheaper at 700 Yen. But of course I wouldn't mind paying an extra 200 Yen to get my favourite number on the cast.

You wouldn't believe the amount of detail it has for a 1:64 scale die-cast.

A closer look at the front. Headlights and fog lights are made of transparent plastic. The whole car looks really good in red and black. And note my favourite number as well. Hell yeah!!

Disc brakes are attached to the calipers. Both remain stationary when the wheels are turning. Can't complain much for this scale.

A shot of the rear. Taillights are actually translucent plastic pieces in red, though they may not look that way in this particular picture. They certainly put quite a lot effort to make this car look as real as possible. Now that's Kyosho for you.
Coming up next: Another Kyosho with the number '23' on its body, can you guess what it is?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Helang Lebuhraya Polis: PDRM's Lancer Evo X in 3D

Malaysian Royal Police's (PDRM) new patrol car: Police Highway Eagle (Helang Lebuhraya Polis). Despite the ridiculous name in Malay, this is one patrol car that you should not mess with, unless you're confident that your car could outrun a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

Fancy taking a ride in this beast? Sure, no problem. All you have to do is:
A) Be a cop. Might take you a few years though, before they finally let you drive the thing. Or...
B) Be the bad guy. But then you could only sit at the back. No way the cop who arrested you would say "Hey, I'm a little tired from all the chase just now. Would you mind taking the wheel for a while?". Or...
C) Buy a Lancer Evolution X in Need for Speed, and customize it like this! :

This one doesn't have the lightbar on top of the car though... and the driver clearly forgot that he was supposed to chase the baddies, not race 'em...
(Click the pictures to get the full size version at 1364x768)

Now, what I did was just pasting a few vinyls here and there in Need for Speed. Pretty lame you might say. But what my friend did was simply amazing! Just take a look at his work:

(Credits to danielh for the picture)
Now this is something that you could only achieve if you have the passion and the talent. And he clearly has an enormous amount of both. Check out the full details of his masterpiece in his blog:
Complete Custom Hotwheel Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Police Car
WIP Hotwheel Lancer Evolution X Custom Malaysian Police Car

*Special thanks to danielh for the permission to use his picture and feature his blog in this post. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

3D Wallpapers: Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si

Featuring the Honda Civic Si from Hot Wheels Hot Tunerz 5-pack:

From this... this!
This particular Civic Si is an awesome cast, but too bad it's only available in the Hot Tunerz 5-pack. Saw one the other day, the whole pack, but I just can't bring myself to buy the whole pack of 5 cars, 4 of which are plain boring, just to get that one nice car. Damn you Hot Wheels... Anyway, enjoy the pictures! (Click the pictures for a bigger resolution: 1364x768)

'10 Ford Shelby GT500, '10 Camaro SS, Datsun Bluebird 510, Stockar: HW

I got myself some loose rides from my friend last night, and at a pretty good price too.

'10 Ford Shelby GT500 from Hot Wheels Premiere 2010
Yummy... The casting for the 2010 GT500 is much better than the 2007 version. The taillights are painted, the racing stripes run through the whole boot and the rear bumper (in the 2007 version, it ends at the rear spoiler), and the front grille is now a plastic piece separated from the die-cast body. And it has side mirrors too!

Time for a family picture!
"That's me in the middle, and that's my grandpa on the right side and that's my elder brother on the left side." says the GT500...

Just a little extra. Click for a larger picture.

'10 Camaro SS from Hot Wheels Premiere 2009
Another American muscle. Which means this car is cool. Period.

The only reason the Audi TT is in front of me is because he started first. I overtook him eventually.

Datsun Bluebird 510 from Hot Wheels Premiere 2009
Somehow Hot Wheels managed to turn an ordinary Datsun into a great looking cast. Now I only need the copper-coloured version to complete the series.

And last but not least, the Stockar from Hot Wheels Race World Earth 2010.
It's really hard trying to take a picture of a transparent car.
The Stockar amidst a white background. Can you see it? It's right there. No? Take a closer look at the center of the picture. Can you see the shape of a car? Still no? Maybe you need to reduce the brightness of your monitor. Now can you see it?

Just kidding. Of course you can't. It's just a blank picture. Here's the real car.
One of the few Hot Wheels with a metal base nowadays. I don't usually collect cars that don't exist in the real world, but I just couldn't resist this one. I mean, even the wheels are transparent, how cool is that?

Acura NSX: HW

Found this at Giant Nilai while sending my brother back to his college:

Acura NSX from Hot Wheels Track Stars 2010

The base colour is kinda weird. I've never seen a car with red bumpers and skirtings. But overall, it looks quite all right. I mean, it's a frigging NSX!

Another failed attempt at taking off-center pictures. It doesn't look that good with that sort of background.

 And in this picture, you could see that the Acura tampo is slightly misaligned, but otherwise, the other tampos are okay.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

3D Wallpapers: Hot Wheels Dodge SRT8

I'm pretty sure you're familiar with this cast from Hot Wheels:

The Dodge SRT8 from Hot Wheels Performance 2010.
It's a great looking cast, especially in terms of colour and tampos. Personally, I think it's a must-have for Hot Wheels collectors. And that's why I've decided to share the 3D version of this cast with everyone! :)

You can click the thumbnail for a bigger picture. The resolution is limited at 1364x768 though, due to my small LCD size. The 3D version might not fully resemble the actual Hot Wheels cast, but I tried my best to make them look as similar as possible. Hope you guys like it. :)

*The wallpapers above were created using Need for Speed: Shift, and Fraps 2.9.9.