Saturday, December 18, 2010

'56 Ford F-100: HW

I'm starting to like the Ford F-100 ever since I bought the Ford F-100 Panel Delivery from Matchbox, and I've decided to collect them as much as I can. So here's a couple more, and this time from Hot Wheels:

'56 Ford (latter variant known as '56 Ford F-100) from Hot Wheels Performance 2010.

This truck looks totally mean with the flame decals.

Looks awesome on the gray truck as well.

Despite being the second variant for the red '56 Ford in the same year, the gray '56 Ford F-100 underwent some major changes besides the colour of the body and tampo. For one, the chrome blower in the gray '56 Ford F-100 is slightly taller than the one in the red '56 Ford, as shown in the picture above. It has a reason for this.

You see, all of the '56 Ford prior the gray version has a bonnet that can be flipped open to reveal the chromed engine inside. But the gray version no longer has this feature. The bonnet is now fused to the main body (probably as a cost-cutting measure). Therefore the engine needs to be taller, in order for people to be able to see the details of the engine (to some extent), and not just the chrome blower.

My Ford F-100 collection as of now. Note that the middle one is from Matchbox, and it's slightly larger than the ones from Hot Wheels.


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