Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Helang Ford Shelby GT500

Custom die-casts are great. You can do all sort of things to an ordinary die-cast and turn it into a work of art, and your creation is only limited by your imagination. Unfortunately though, I lack the skills in customizing, and I don't even have the necessary tools to begin with. I just can't seem to save up enough cash to buy the tools (Okay, I lied. I spent whatever savings I had on Mustangs, lots of them). However, there is a type of customizing that probably doesn't need any tools (besides a keyboard). Here's my attempt at the Helang Ford Shelby GT500:

It doesn't exist in the real world, but at least it now exists in the digital world.

If the Royal Malaysian Police has one of these, I would quit medical school and join the police force. Seriously.

Busting crime has never looked so good.

As always, you can click on the pictures for a bigger resolution (1364x768). Enjoy! :)


  1. Camero SS coming to M'sia soon.
    Wonder how Helang Camero would look like?

  2. Nice, this shelby helang would looks great in real casting!

  3. @Rafys78: I think it's here already.. Around RM488,888... damn the ridiculous tax in Malaysia... :( anyway, maybe I'll do the Helang Camaro soon when I'm free.. :P

    @danielh: hehe, thanks bro! u wanna do a real custom? :D