Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ice Cream Van: Matchbox

Found these two hanging on the pegs at the nearby 7-Eleven, literally covered in dust. I wonder why no one bought them. I mean, ice cream vans are cool! If I were to park an ice cream van next to a Ferrari F430, I bet my ice cream van would attract more people than the Ferrari does.

Ice Cream Van from Matchbox City Action 2009 (white) & 2010 (blue)

Just in case you're wondering what's on the menu:
Nature Bars.....3.00

*London Lime
*Strawberry Stake Truck
*Apple Wrecker & Tow
*Cherry Bulldozer
*Sundae Harvester
*Lemon Bus
*Pineapple Crane
*Frozen Coach Crush
58 Fun Flavors of Popsicles!

The words written just below the star: "Redeem Your Popsicle Sticks for Matchbox Cars! Ask for Details."
I wonder if the offer is still available. Hmm...


  1. hi Danny, saw ur comment on daydreamer's blog, and I just would like to inform u that I have extra SM black GT-R if u want :)

  2. hi saruman, thanks very much for the offer, but i actually prefer the red GT-R. im only getting the black GT-R if i already have the red one, just to complete the set. but thanks very much for the kind offer. :)