Sunday, June 19, 2011

Buick Grand National: HW

Buick Grand National from Hot Wheels Performance 2011
Just so you know, the previous release of the Buick Grand National has an opening hood. The entire front end of the car could be opened by tilting it forward, much like the early releases of the '56 Ford F-100. Another cost-cutting measure I believe. But at least it still has a die-cast body.


  1. this Buick Grand national jus look so good with the "Penzoil Team " tampo!!

  2. just saw today with white color but just leave there

  3. @CKH: totally! that's why i bought it even though it's not a Mustang. :P
    @Ammbiz: I saw the pics of the white one. Not as nice as the yellow one. :P

  4. Hi Danny ,

    Nice car & Theme.I would like to ask about the site photo taking on 1:18 diecast outdoor but look like real & with perfect angle shooting.
    Please let me about the website of it.

    Congratul... on your casting.

    Thanks ,


  5. Hi Kin,
    Here's the website:
    Enjoy! :)

  6. Better run and get a model with the opening hood. It's gonna become rare soon!

  7. Haha, yeah. Hard to find the previous model nowadays. Getting rare.Luckily Im not into this casting much. :p

  8. oh, this is the T-Hunt in 2011, but i just know the hood is closed in this year's version!! i saw 3 old version, of 2009 in Toysrus yet last last week, and still there, but now i won't buy it this moment, because Toysrus raised the price 6 days ago, from 14.9. to 16.9, i felt very angry of their business strategy recently, especially to all Hotwheels' fans so long !!! i swear not to buy Hotwheels, till they make a relative price back to reasonable price !!!

  9. Same here, price keeps going up. Have to cut down a bit. :P