Sunday, December 05, 2010

Carbonator: HW

I bought this one for a very special reason.

Carbonator from Hot Wheels Faster Than Ever 2010

It's not a real car, it's not a Mustang, it's not a T-Hunt, and it's not rare either. But I still love it and I personally think that this is a brilliant casting..

...because... can actually be used to open a bottle! Now I'm thinking of getting another one so that I can hook it up as a keychain. A Hot-Wheels-Bottle-Opener-Keychain, how cool is that?


  1. right!! multifunction... nice bro ;)

  2. @ben: u're serious?
    @kown: thanks bro. :) i wonder if they're going to make a can opener soon... hmm...

  3. yea. it's a bottle opener with wheels. how much cooler can it get

  4. wokey, will get u one if i could find an extra.

  5. Be Careful, The Casting it's Breakable, Besides The Front Facia Could be Used to Help You Lift The Soda Can Tab.

  6. Hi Scorpivs. Did u broke yours? Hmm, guess I should buy another one as a spare. It's really easy opening a bottle with the Carbonator, in fact, much easier than my bottle opener keychain. :P Let's hope it doesnt break too soon. :D Thanks for the tips!