Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ford Focus RS: HW

I really wish I could have this one carded, but I have yet to see one on the pegs despite several hunting routines. So I settled for a loose one instead.

Ford Focus RS from Hot Wheels Premiere 2010
One of my favourite hatchbacks, the Ford Focus. Too bad Ford Malaysia isn't bringing in the ST or the RS version.

Not many cars look good in green. But the Focus RS looks great in this shade, and it still manages to look mean at the same time.


  1. oh, this Ford Focus also one of my favourites!! But i searched it more than 6 months, since the advertisement leaflet of Hotwheels from Toysrus debuted! But no good news yet! i have similar endurance-racing-car series, just like the Scirocco, blue and wine-red respectively. i may show you, after i make a similar Blog to you, Danny. Now the time is evening 18:23, i want go to Toysrus now, see you!!

  2. haha, good, do share your collections with other die-cast collectors ya. :)
    Thanks for visiting! :)