Monday, December 06, 2010

'67 Custom Mustang: HW

You can never have too much Mustangs. Fact.

'67 Custom Mustang from Hot Wheels Nightburnerz 2010

Who would've thought they could make something this cool in 1967?

Somehow reminds me of the AMC Javelin AMX.

Paint job is pretty well done in this one. No smudges, no chipped paint, no misaligned tampos.


  1. the wheels were so rarely seen in others hotwheels; it was composed by 5 compressed-U-shaped ! And the normal we could see is 5 double-straight-lines just like in dodge's challenge, ferrari's 430 spider... all those are 5 double-straight-lins type!!

  2. hehe, yeah, this kind of wheel is kinda new. but i still prefer the straight 5-spoke design.. :p