Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'07 Ford Shelby GT500: HW SM

Another Hot Wheels Speed Machines haul from the recent batch.

'07 Ford Shelby GT500

Red and black usually go well together. But not this time. Nevertheless, it is still a lovely car.

There's actually a bit of chipped paint on the boot. But it's not visible in this picture 'cause I've photoshopped the thing. Mattel should really do something about their quality control. I don't mind smudged or misaligned tampos, but chipped paint? Did the car went through some sort of rally course before being sold?

If you look carefully at the front grille, there's a speck of silver paint visible on the left side of the grille. Although it may not look like it, that's supposed to be the Shelby logo.


  1. nice pictures! agree with you, this black and red color theme seems lack of something, not enough punch.
    btw, still a nice collection.

  2. Thanks bro! :D yeah, the colour is sort of mismatched. red stripes dont go well with most colours... but i still bought it cos it's a mustang :p