Friday, December 03, 2010

2008 Lancer Evolution: HW

Another unexpected haul from Parkson Selayang Mall, and this was the last unit!

2008 Lancer Evolution from Hot Wheels Nightburnerz 2010

I don't know about you guys, but I think the rims are a letdown. It looks kinda weird.

I know Waja owners love to mod their car to insane levels. So could someone please buy an Inspira and mod it to look exactly like this? That would be totally cool.

By the way, I already made a Need for Speed Shift version for this car some time ago, but I didn't make it in high resolution though. Here it is:


  1. Thanks saruman! hopefully i would find the green version as well. :D

  2. wow! congrats, as what i see you're lucky to find it because these evos are most wanted and will not stay long on the pegs.

    no worries, you will find the green evo soon!

  3. @danielh: haha, thanks! guess i was lucky to find the evo, especially at the Parkson which hasnt restocked for ages. :p
    @kurz: hehe, will do, once the green evo is in hand.. :p