Tuesday, January 11, 2011

London Bus: Tomica

Grabbed this one as soon I saw it on the Tomica display cabinet.

London Bus from Tomica
The 'Pet World' sticker was initially misaligned quite badly. I had to remove the sticker, which ended up in a disaster, as I accidentally ripped and totally separated the printed surface of the sticker from the sticky surface. So I ended up with the Pet World sticker in my hand which is just half as thick as it should be, and I had to remove the rest of the sticky side of the sticker from the bus itself. With no sticky side on the Pet World banner, I had to literally glue the banner to side of the bus. I used a water-based glue, which was a big mistake, as the Pet World banner soaked up the moist glue, leaving certain parts of the banner in a different shade, just like what happens when you drop some water on a piece of paper. I left the bus to dry, hoping that the banner would return to its original colour once the excess moisture is evaporated. Well, it didn't, and the end result is what you're currently seeing on the picture above. Guess where this particular Tomica was made?

The rest of the stickers are properly placed though.

I really think the bus would look better without the sticker on the roof.

When I first took out the bus from the box, I thought that this was the front side of the bus. Good thing there's a picture on the box.


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