Thursday, January 27, 2011

'67 Shelby GT500: HW Garage

The 2011 Hot Wheels Garage series was released quite sooner than I expected. Which meant I had to fork out this week's pocket money to pay for the cars. But that's probably the only downside to it though.

'67 Shelby GT500 from Hot Wheels Garage 2011
Looks pretty much the same like the other '67 Shelby GT500s in my collection...

...except for the wheels and the metal chassis...

...which means that I've paid RM13 (roughly equivalent to 2 basic Hot Wheels) for the wheels and the metal chassis. Pretty expensive I would say, but I just can't resist a Mustang.


  1. Nice car there bro..
    Am not into Mustang, but the wheels sure looks sweet...

  2. yeaa..very sweet wheels..nyumm2 :D nice GT500 bro

  3. hehe, thanks mushr00m and kown! :) if the rubbers are thicker, surely will look more ganas.. :P

  4. look like we are the first country to received this latest garage wave. :-)

  5. well, we should, since we made them in the first place.. :P

  6. nope, this one made in malaysia. :D

  7. can see in this post:
    the pic of the back of the card. :)