Monday, January 24, 2011

London Bus: Fast Lane

Drove for about an hour to get to the new Toys"R"Us at IOI Mall. Ended up buying only this:

London Bus from Fast Lane
Priced at RM12.95, this die-cast is a lot more expensive than Matchbox's or Tomica's London Bus.

Looking at the illustration at the side of the box, you would think that the bus is battery-powered or has some sort of pull-back action, with real working lights. You'd be wrong, it's just a normal die-cast. Body, chassis, wheels, and that's it.

There's an open top version as well. Apart from the open top upper deck, it looks exactly the same like this one.

The banner on the side of the bus is just a sticker. Interior details are pretty good though. The wheels may look pretty, but they tend to get stuck sometimes, and there's a lot of friction as well. It won't get very far if you don't push it hard enough.

Closer inspection of the bottom of the chassis revealed that this die-cast was actually made by Motormax, and not Realtoy like the majority of Fast Lane's die-casts. Another weird thing is the usage of screws rather than rivets to hold the body and the chassis together.


  1. apa lagi..if screws then its time to open and custom!! haha~

  2. @saruman: Thanks saruman. :)
    @kurz: haha, cannot custom la kurz.. the space for the wheels ngam2 for the original wheels only... :P

  3. Nice, I'm a big fan of London 's Double Decker too. I have a few collection gonna post mine soon

  4. @sukmono: I bet u have a nice collection as well. :)