Saturday, January 22, 2011

A.J. Foyt's '65 Ford Mustang: HW Vintage Racing

My second Mustang from the Vintage Racing series. Let's hope there would be more to come.

A.J. Foyt's '65 Ford Mustang from Hot Wheels Vintage Racing
To be honest, it doesn't look quite as stunning as George Follmer's '70 Mustang Boss 302, but it's still a beautiful car (well, to me, all Mustangs are beautiful).

Like all '65 Mustangs, the front wheels tend to be displaced outwards, like they're on spacers. I'm not sure if they're meant to be that way.


  1. A white mustang always a beauty! love you blog and collection man. Add me up to your blog links and please come and see mine


  2. Thanks for the comments sukmono. Added ur blog to my blog list as well. Nice blog u got there as well. :D

  3. This miniature is awesome.

    I'm anxious to get one of this for me.

  4. I hope u'll be able to get one soon. :)

  5. Does it say 1983 on the bottom?