Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ford Mustang GT: HW Color Shifters

I've seen this Mustang quite a few times before this, but was always reluctant to get it because of the price. But a Mustang's a Mustang, and I just got to have it one way or another. So here you go, my first car from the Color Shifters series:

Ford Mustang GT from Hot Wheels Color Shifters
Some of you might think that this is an error card because of the car's position, but I think the error could be corrected by pushing the car in the plastic into the correct position, therefore it is not a genuine error.

They included this card thing that shows you the alternate colour of the car when you pull the yellow tab at the side.. So this Mustang is supposed to change from red... black, upon contact with icy cold water.

Note that it must be icy cold water. I've tried it with cold water running from the tap, and it didn't work. If you want to change it back to red, you have to use warm water. The colour change occurs instantly, meaning that it doesn't go from red to dark red to darker red and eventually black, it just goes from red to black in the blink of an eye. And the colour stays at room temperature, so you don't have to worry about the car changing back to red once it's out of the water.

It looks pretty good in black. Looks kinda like matte black. The downside is that most of the tampo on the car is black as well, therefore they're not visible when the car is black, except for the race number "35" tampo on the door. You have to be careful when handling the car while it's wet, 'cos if you touch any part of the car that's wet, it will react with your body temperature and that part will turn to red. So you have to hold the car by the wheels when you're taking it out from the icy water.

If you can't decide which colour looks best on this car, you can always do this...

...or this. I decided to keep mine in the original red though.


  1. but if u like the black more..
    how to keep it in that color? hahaha :P

  2. hehe, it will stay black at room temperature. no problem. just make sure that u dont touch it when it's wet, or else the part u touch will change to red. :p