Thursday, January 06, 2011

Core Striker Max: Tomica Hero

I'm not a fan of the Tomica Hero Rescue Force series (I might be if I'm 12), but this Nissan 350Z from Tomica Hero I saw recently caught my attention.

The Japanese words above read something like this: Resukyufosutomikashirizu RFT-15 Koasutoraikamakkusu (from Google Translate)
In case you didn't get it: Rescue Force Tomica Series RFT-15 Core Striker Max

The Core Striker Max is actually a Nissan 350Z with a lightbar on top and a number of emblems painted on the doors and the hood. Still looks beautiful though.

It's a miracle that this car could reach speeds of up to 600mph (as claimed) on the standard Tomica wheels.

The metallic blue paint job looks stunning. It's almost chrome-like.

They included this card as well.

All I can make out from this side of the card is that the Core Striker Max has a power of 3000, out of a maximum 10000. So I guess there's a Core Striker Super Max Mega Ultra Ultimate Champion Godmode version which could achieve the maximum power of 10000.


  1. hehe, thanks bro! there's a 300ZX as well, but it doesn't look that nice, so i didn't take it.. :p