Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ford Focus WRC: Fast Lane

Just another Fast Lane cast I bought the other day:

Ford Focus WRC

Warning: "Pizza wheels" are non-edible. Prolonged exposure may cause eye irritation.

The front end is beautifully done.

If you read my previous post regarding the Fast Lane Nissan Fairlady Z, you would expect the Fast Lane Ford Focus WRC to have the same level of quality for the interior details, which is excellent in the Nissan Fairlady Z. But being a WRC (World Rally Championship) car, the interior of this cast is kept to a bare minimum. Red bucket seats, steering wheel, and that's it. When you're drifting at 100 miles per hour entering a sharp bend, and on your right is a bunch of huge trees, with living spectators in between, and on your left is a thousand foot drop, does it really matter whether or not your car has a cup holder?

A shot of the rear end. Stripes are cool. Pizza wheels are not. Absolutely not.


  1. i just don't understand why can't they design a better looking wheels....

  2. yeah, they can make great interior and exterior details, great paint and tampos, but the wheels... man... :(

    now if i could only find a drill... :p

  3. nice car but the wheels a bit let down.hehe

  4. thanks danielh! the wheels are a MAJOR letdown. makes the car looks cartoonish.. :P