Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Nissan Fairlady Z: Tomica

Finally! My exam is over, and I'll be having a 1 week break for the Chinese New Year. That's 1 week of spending Ang Pow money on Hot Wheels and other die-casts. Let's hope there'll be lots of nice cars in Kedah. Anyway, let's move on to our featured car today.

Nissan Fairlady Z from Tomica
Now, it might look like the normal No. 55 Nissan Fairlady Z that comes in the usual Tomica box, but if you look closely, you'll notice a few differences.

First of all, the headlights. This Fairlady Z comes with translucent plastic headlights, while the No. 55 Fairlady Z has chromed plastic headlights. Personally, I think this one looks better as it looks more realistic.

The wheels are different as well. The No. 55 Fairlady Z uses Tomica's trademark wheels.

The build quality is poorer in this one though. You could see the jagged lines running across the taillights and the rear bumper, which are not present in the boxed No. 55 Fairlady Z.

Oh, by the way, this carded Fairlady Z comes with a little book on the Fairlady Z as well.

Brief contents of the book. I can't read Japanese, but the pictures look nice though. Worth keeping.


  1. nice fairlady Z collection!
    i've yet to get this one nad still looking for it.

  2. Thanks bro! :) i got this one from mushr00m. i think he has a few units left. :D