Friday, February 25, 2011

'69 Corvette: HW

No need for introduction here, I'm pretty sure you would be familiar with this iconic car if you're a muscle car fan.

'69 Corvette from Hot Wheels 2006 First Editions
Just look at the styling in those days! I would literally lick this car if I had one. I mean the real car of course. Anyway, note the number "427" on the hood, which means that this version has a 7.0L V8 under the hood. Let me repeat that, a 7.0L V8!!


  1. yes, i think the real car will be much bigger and the sound of engine will thrills you.

  2. yeah, i bet the 7.0L V8 will sound sweet! :D

  3. a beauty ain't it? was looking at a few Mustangs when I saw this beauty among the seller's collection. quite rare, but I only had to pay RM5 for it. anyway, who the hell voted for seriously uncool?

  4. dunno. maybe i accidentally clicked on it or something.