Thursday, February 17, 2011

Megane Trophy: HW

Grabbed this on my way back from class today.

Megane Trophy from 2011 Hot Wheels Premiere
Definitely a looker, which makes the Megane Trophy a popular cast in 2011.

The rear spoiler could easily be detached from the rear window, therefore it will not be uncommon to come across a carded Megane Trophy with a detached rear spoiler. Nothing to worry about though, as the rear spoiler could easily be reattached. Just snap it back to the lower part of the rear window, and it's all good. Might be a problem if you're not planning to uncard the car though.


  1. wah now days your haul very updated eh! :p nice stuff you got there. :)

  2. haha, no la, only this time got lucky ... usually people sapu already all the nice new waves... :P

  3. That is a relly nice car. I hope to find one ASAP

  4. I wish you good luck in finding one! definitely a beauty worth getting. :D