Friday, August 13, 2010

Z vs Z: Tomica

I got myself a pair of Fairladies (I assume that's the plural form of Fairlady) today, and both of 'em are from Tomica. Trying to find one Fairlady is hard enough, so I guess I'm really lucky to have found two!

Nissan Fairlady Z vs Nissan Fairlady Z Racing Type.
One of these cars costs more than the other. And by a considerable amount too. Can you guess which one is the more expensive car? The Nissan Fairlady Z Racing Type? Nope. It's the normal Nissan Fairlady Z, which costs RM10.90. The Racing Type, on the other hand, only costs RM6.90. Weird huh?

The Racing Type comes with a set of stickers for the extra decals. I'm not planning on putting them on though.

Despite being a 'racing type', the basic shape of the second cast looks pretty much the same as the normal Fairlady Z, except for the awesome racing livery and the presence of a rear spoiler. It doesn't have the wide body, the winglets, the front lips, diffusers, and other stuffs like the JGTC cars. Note the headlight and wheel differences as well. I personally prefer the wheels on the normal Fairlady Z, because they look somewhat better, and they spin a lot smoother when you push the car around. By the way, the Fairlady Z Racing Type has my favourite number on it's body. Yay! :D

Both have doors which could be opened, to give you a better view of the interior which is really not that impressive. Perhaps for this sort of scale and price, it's acceptable to have a basic interior (seats, steering wheel, and that's it), but in my next post, I'm going to feature a cast which costs less than the Tomica Fairlady Z, but with a much better interior. Any guess on the manufacturer? Stay tuned to find out the answer!


  1. nice collections!
    infact the tomica version of these fairlady Z that i'm quite satisfy is that comes with openable doors as others would not provide it.

  2. Thanks bro! :)
    Anyway, yeah, I really like the openable doors. Though I really wish the interior would be on par with Realtoy's Fairlady. That would be awesome! :D