Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ed Terry's '70 Ford Mustang: HW Vintage Racing

Another Mustang from the latest Vintage Racing wave:

Ed Terry's '70 Ford Mustang from Hot Wheels Vintage Racing
Just look at the huge rear tires! Those rubbers are definitely meant for drag racing.


  1. Hello 23, how are you?
    I was reading your blog and I have decided to start a new blog. So I wanna know if you could add my link at your blog?
    But I am from Brazil and I am 12 years old, so you will have to translate te blog to read it, ok?
    Thanks, André.

  2. @saruman: thanks bro! :)
    @Andre: Hi Andre, nice to meet another collector. I already added your blog to my blog list. Nice blog you have there. Keep it up! :)