Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Tooned '69 Camaro Z28: HW

Ever since I bought the Toon'd Muscle 5-Pack, I'm getting hooked on tooned muscle cars. Here's another one I purchased recently.

'Tooned '69 Camaro Z28 from 2006 Hot Wheels
There's just something very cool about having a short and stubby body with an oversized engine popping out of the hood.


  1. wowuuu..very nice car..u hav TH Z28? that 1 also a nice casting ;)

  2. Yo man. I really enjoy those tooned babies too. Got the 5 Pack as well. Guess you're aiming for this Camaro's T-Hunt version right?

    I have one here. Problem is that i live in Brazil, so it's kinda hard to manage a postal service to where you live.

    If you wanna give it a shot, i got some other Hot Wheels for sale (i'm renewing my collection, so i gotta get rid of these first). Check it out:

    Text is in Portuguese, so you can Google Translate it if you wish...

    Cheers, dude!

  3. @kown: thanks bro! nope, i dont have that yet. would love to have one though. :P
    @Luiz Garcia: Hey bro. Yeah, I am hoping to find the T-Hunt version of this car. Thanks for ur kind offer, but I think I'll try to find the car locally. Besides, Im running short on cash, and I dont think postage fees from Brazil to Malaysia would be cheap.. :P
    Btw, awesome collection you have there! :)

  4. welcome to toon family! lol. i like toon cars more than normal looking one. :D

  5. Haha, yeah, some cars look better when tooned! Dunno why, but they look really cool with the cute bodies but oversized engines. :p