Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ferrari 250 GTO: HW

Classic Ferraris are always a sight to behold. They look gorgeous in picture, and even better in metal. Here's a famous legend from the 1960s:

Ferrari 250 GTO from Hot Wheels Premiere 2009
It's hard to believe that people in the '60s managed to create something as beautiful as this.

The details on this Ferrari is quite astounding, for a Hot Wheels that is. Painted taillights, fuel cap, door handles, rear license plate, etc, things which are usually absent on other Hot Wheels cars. I guess Ferrari were quite strict when they gave Hot Wheels the license to make die-cast models of their cars. They probably said something like "Make our cars look good, or don't make them at all." If only Ford said the same thing...


  1. Hi Danny ,

    Great Classic Ferrari 250 GTO.

    Nice collection.



  2. Hot Wheels owns the rights to make Ferraris. All other miniature companies have to buy a license from Hot Wheels to make their own die cast Ferraris.

    Great pics, btw.


  3. @Kin: Thanks kin! :)
    @Luiz: I see.. so other die-cast companies have to buy license from HW to make Ferrari die-casts? not from Ferrari itself? Thanks for the comment! :D

  4. Yup! HW owns the licensing for Ferrari's diecast models.