Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mustang 45: HW 5-Pack

Finally managed to get the 5-pack I've been looking for, thanks to mushr00m. :)

Mustang 45 from Hot Wheels 5-Pack
Of course the number 45 is referring to the Mustang's 45th anniversary. This 5-pack was released in 2009, which is 45 years after the first Ford Mustang came out in 1964. The Mustangs included in this 5-pack are:

'99 Ford Mustang

'92 Ford Mustang

'98 Mustang Cobra

'07 Ford Mustang

'65 Ford Mustang

Group pics!
This is probably the best 5-pack there is out there.

Here's an update on my Hot Wheels Mustang collection so far, from the first '62 Ford Mustang Concept to the recent '10 Ford Shelby GT-500 Super Snake.
Thanks for looking! :)


  1. superb bro..nice collection there. i lov mustang ;)

  2. Thanks bro! Glad to see a fellow Mustang collector! :)

  3. fuyooohhhhhh.... nice...
    Nice group shot..

  4. haha, terima kasih abg mushr00m.. :D

  5. wah!! the numbers are growing.....pretty fast. as fast as the mustang horse power..hehe.

    nice to see all your collection, keep it up bro!

  6. Haha, u guys la always poison me. :P
    Thanks bro! Cant wait to see ur next Mustang customs. :D

  7. I also have a lot of mustangs in my collection...

    Congrats for you collection

    It's really cool

  8. Thanks Douglas! So u love Mustangs as well? :D