Sunday, August 22, 2010

Honda NSX-R: Tomica

Finally found the cast I had always been looking for:

Honda NSX-R from Tomica
A pretty simple cast. Not much tampos. Doors can't be opened. Not a particularly detailed or rare cast, but I just can't resist the legendary Honda NSX-R.


  1. nice NSX-R! these is the only type R casting made by tomicas in this scale, if i'm not mistaken.
    If you wanted this in more details. try looking for EBBRO in 1/43 scales, which offered more precise engine details and interiors qualities but a bit pricey,.

    nice pictures danny!

  2. Thanks danielh! :D
    hehe, finding an EBBRO is hard enough, finding an EBBRO NSX-R would be even harder. :P but probably worth it. but the only car i would like to buy if it's more than 1:64 would be recent Ford Mustangs. :)