Sunday, August 29, 2010

Miku Hatsune Clock!

I was browsing around a Japanese online shopping site (Animetsu) the other day, and I saw this really cute Miku Hatsune clock widget on their website! And it is just soooooooo cute that I thought to myself "I gotta have this widget on my blog!!" And I finally found the widget just a few minutes ago!

Isn't she cute? You can click her, and she will tell you the current time in Japanese. Of course I don't understand a single word she said, but she's just so adorable that I can't resist clicking her every now and then! Try it! You can click on the bouncing musical note as well, and she will sing a really cute song. Nope, I don't understand what she's singing either, but who cares when she's this cute! By the way, notice the Japanese characters on top of this widget? It will bring you to this website where you can get this widget for free. The site is in Japanese though, but Google translate should be able to help.


  1. that's cute !!! wanna try it out later.
    thanks for sharing danny!

  2. haha, isnt she? I know it's probably not suitable to have a Miku Hatsune widget in a die-cast blog, but i just couldnt resist.. :p
    hope u like it! :)