Friday, August 27, 2010

Raybrig NSX: Tomica Limited

My first ever Tomica Limited:

Tomica Limited 0058: Raybrig NSX from Autobacs GT 2004 Series.
Now this ain't cheap. And I'm seriously not sure if I could survive until next week with hardly any cash left. So the question is: Is it worth it? Take a look at the pictures and let me know what do you think.

Now if you're a huge fan of the NSX like I am, you should be having an orgasm right now. This car is drop-dead gorgeous. I particularly like the tampos, the taillights, and the tailpipes. Being a Tomica Limited, you don't have to worry about smudged tampos on the car anymore.

Just another picture to remind you of how beautiful she is.

A close-up shot of the front wheels. I love tires with wordings on the sidewall. A thumbs up for that. The rims are a bit disappointing though. I know that alloy rims are supposed to have that 'glittery' look, but the rims just look too 'plastic'. I know that it really is made of plastic, but I'm sure that there's a way to make them look more like metal  and less like plastic. By the way, the disc brakes spin together with the wheels. Note the absence of brake calipers.
So back to the question; is this car worth the price I paid for it?
Hell yeah!!


  1. for TL JGTC i prefer the toyota supra. nevertheless this is a nice car too. :)

  2. well, to be honest, i think the supra looks great too. but i just cant resist the nsx, especially the raybrig nsx. :p Thanks for dropping by kuku! :)

  3. to be precise, these NSX Raybrig is A MUST for collectors like us, hehe. i do have these collection too.

  4. haha, yeah, the Raybrig NSX is a must have for JGTC fans. im still looking for the 0065 Raybrig NSX, the Epson NSX, and the Takata Dome NSX. they do cost quite a lot these NSX compared to other JGTC, especially the Raybrig version. I bet ur collection is awesome! :D

  5. Hi Danny,

    Fantatic + worth to collect Honda NSX Japan GT race car.

    Superb detailing + craftmanship.


  6. Haha, thanks bro! Kyosho sure rocks when it comes to details. :D