Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mazda Furai: HW

Now, despite looking like an interplanetary vehicle made by an advanced extraterrestrial race, the Mazda Furai is actually a real existing car, and it's fully functional as well. You might have seen the grey Mazda Furai from Hot Wheels in my previous post, which looks absolutely stunning. Today, I'm going to feature the other colour variation for the Mazda Furai. Behold:

The Mazda Furai from Hot Wheels Premiere 2010, in red!

Before I saw the actual cast, I thought the Furai wouldn't look good in red. I thought grey was the only colour which looks nice on the Furai. I was wrong. This car actually looks even better in red! It looks striking, it looks mean, it looks fast, it looks perfect!


  1. nice pictures danny!
    loves those Furais!!

  2. Nice cars. Aside from having real cars, My brother is an avid collector of mini cars as well. I'm looking forward to buying that miniature Furai and giving it to my brother as a birthday gift.

  3. Thanks danielh! :D
    and i guess thanks to childhood diabetes and payday loans too... :)

  4. Nice picture I was just reading this other blog and was wondering have you read it Weekly Diet PLan

    Great post

  5. Thanks, but i dont need a diet plan as my weight is 55kg. :)

  6. Renz@
    Wow! This is good. This looks wonderful and awesome. I love to collect toy cars. Besides, my younger brother loves it too. Actually, I have 2 cars, and I love them both. This is great. Initially, the post is nice. Thanks a lot.