Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nissan Fairlady Z: Tomica

Hey guys, you might notice that my blog is not frequently updated for the past few weeks. Been rather busy lately, with the exam coming up and stuff. Anyway, my finals are coming up next week, so there probably won't be any updates for about a week or so. Wish me luck guys! In the meantime, here's my final post before my exam:

Nissan Fairlady Z from Tomica
Though I'm not a huge fan of the 370Z (I still think the 350Z is the best looking Z of all time), this is my third 370Z from Tomica, after the 40th Anniversary version and the Roadster version.

I'd love to do a side-by-side comparison with the yellow Nissan 370Z from Hot Wheels, but unfortunately the car is not with me at the moment. So I guess it'll have to wait. That's all for now. I'll see you guys in a week!


  1. nice looking 370Z in yellow color! i did miss these color.haha.
    anyway, wish you good luck in your coming exam and pass with flying colors!

  2. Haha, i didnt even know there was a yellow 370Z until i saw the ad in mudah.. :P
    anyway, thanks for the kind wish bro! :D