Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'69 Ford Mustang: HW Larry's Garage

Here's another Mustang from kukubeh. He said this one almost got slaughtered for the wheels. Luckily he was willing to trade it with me. :p

'69 Ford Mustang from Hot Wheels Larry's Garage
Looking at the rubber wheels, you would expect that it has a metal base as well. Turned out it actually has a plastic base, despite being a car from Larry's Garage. But like every other Mustang, it's still a looker.

By the way, this particular '69 Ford Mustang is a 'chase' version. Yay!
In case you're wondering, that's Larry Wood's signature right there at the bottom of the chassis. I wonder how the chase cars were made though. Were they sent in the loose form to Larry Wood in order to get his signature before being properly packaged in the blister pack over there? Or were they shipped back to Thailand for packaging after getting the signature? I'm pretty sure Larry Wood doesn't actually live in Thailand just to sign the chase cars. And I would be very, very disappointed if his signature is actually just printed on the base, just like the 'B23' in the picture above.


  1. Cool! I wonder if you already got half of your collection filled with Mustangs...

    The signature is a tampo, just like any other. I got a Bone Shaker with his signature.

  2. Haha, thanks bro! I guess almost half of my collection consists of Mustangs. :P
    Anyway, so the signature is just a tampo? Well that's disappointing.. I thought it was signed by Larry Wood himself.. :(

  3. yes that signature is just tampo. and i didn't realise the base is plastic as well. this mustang has been sitting in my garage waiting for slaughter for almost 2 years. lol. lucky him. :D

  4. For 2 years he's been living in fear... Everyday he watched his friends being slaughtered one by one... Then one day, the slaughterer picked him up, and he thought that it was going to be his turn. He thought it was going to be the end. But then the slaughterer wrapped him up and put him in a dark box.. He was carried to an unknown location, and all the time he was thinking about what was going to happen to him..
    Then the box was finally opened. It was bright, and he realized that he's not in the slaughterer's house anymore.. He saw an unfamiliar face, but nevertheless, a friendly face that greeted him with a smile. He was brought to the stranger's house, and upon arrival, he was greeted with the sight of his brothers, hundreds of them, all welcoming him to his new home. He finally found the place where he truly belongs. A place he can finally call home.
    Hahahahaha :P