Wednesday, April 06, 2011

'65 Ford Mustang Convertible: HW Garage

New wave of Garage is out! This particular piece from the new wave is a must have:

'65 Ford Mustang Convertible from Hot Wheels Garage 2011
Redline wheels look great, but I think white sidewalls would look even better on this car.

One of the most beautiful Mustang in my collection.


  1. That's a real beauty. A shame they didn't get the tail lights painted, though...

  2. Exactly! Being a Garage series, I thought it would have painted taillights. Turns out it doesn't. Otherwise, this car would be perfect! I won't really mind if it's just a basic Hot Wheels, but it's a Garage, and it ain't cheap. :(

  3. overall looking good but the wheels are fantastic!!!

  4. hehe, Mustang with rubbers always looks nice. :P