Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'08 Honda Civic Type R: Matchbox

An unexpected find during a quick visit to a nearby 7-Eleven while waiting for dinner to arrive last night:

'08 Honda Civic Type R from Matchbox Metro Rides 2011
This would be my second Civic Type R, after the blue version.

Looks like this time Matchbox decided not to put license plates with hidden meanings like they usually did. Anyway, despite the lame license plate, the car looks absolutely stunning in orange, and the black rims with chromed orange lips are fantastic!

Rear end is very well detailed, as expected of Matchbox. I can see why people are hoarding this car as soon as they're available on the pegs.


  1. no no..they are hoarding this car just because it's other reason..kehkehkeh :P
    i still no luck yet with this..(well baru pegi less than 10 7E)..haha

  2. hehe, i guess Honda Civic is a favourite among Malaysians.. :P
    I wish u luck in finding one kurz! u should try the 7E along the highways, usually will have some rare HW or MBX if u're lucky. :D

  3. Hi Danny ,

    This Model's design is really stand up from the crowd.
    Small but powerfull.



  4. Hehe, yep. And the orange colour makes it stand out even even more. :P

  5. Very sorry, it's not for sale. :)

  6. Hey, I'm from Sabah. And I was wondering, do you think these are still available at certain 7 11s in KL? Only managed to find a Panamera in my hometown. :( I'm looking for some metro rides!

  7. It's not impossible, but it's very difficult to find them on the pegs nowadays.. :(