Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Rotary Cars: Tomica

We have two cars with rotary engines today, which means they're Mazdas. The RX-7 and the RX-8 to be specific. I'll put the pictures of the RX-7 and the RX-8 side by side, but I'm not going to do a comparison to determine which one's better than the other though. So let's begin.

The Mazda RX-7 and the Mazda RX-8 Patrol Car

From pop-up headlights to projector headlights.

From 2 doors to 4 doors. Or is it still 2 doors? I'm confused.

The Japanese characters on the RX-8's door mean: "This door can't be opened". It doesn't matter much though, considering a die-cast on this scale won't have that much interior details, as you can see in the RX-7.

The RX-7's taillights are painted black, while the RX-8's taillights are actually made from clear plastic. Despite the effort, the plastic taillights don't look very good though... They should've just painted the RX-8's taillights like they did on the RX-7.


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