Friday, May 28, 2010

Cherry VS Cherry

I've always liked cherry, and I've always liked coke. So it's only natural that when a genius came up with the Cherry Coke, it immediately became my No.1 favourite drink ever since the first gulp. It was a match made in heaven. But the sad thing is, it's not widely available in my country. It's even rarer than diamond! Only a few Cold Storage outlets are selling them, such as the one in KLCC. And due to the scarcity of the item, they cost 4 times more than a normal coke! (About RM6.00++, probably due to shipping costs too because we had to import it, since the Cherry Coke is not produced locally, unlike the normal coke). Perhaps expensive, but worth every single cents.

(It's just an empty can by the way. I sprayed it with water so that it looks like a nice cold can of Cherry Coke)
If I'm friggin' rich, I'm going to build a Cherry Coke fountain, a Cherry Coke tap, and a Cherry Coke swimming pool. Hmm... Let's see.. What else should I build...

Wait a minute... What's this? Dr Pepper Cherry? A new contender? And it only costs RM2.00++? Let's take a sip and see how it tastes like...
It's DELICIOUS!! While the taste of Cherry Coke could be described as cola with a hint of cherry, Dr Pepper Cherry tastes like cherry with a hint of cola. And I absolutely love it!! So could this be my new No.1 favourite drink? Honestly, I don't know. I love both of 'em! Guess I'll need to build 2 sets of fountains, taps and swimming pools. One set for the Cherry Coke, and another set for Dr Pepper Cherry.


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