Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes!

It was my girlfriend's birthday last week, and I got her cupcakes as her birthday cake, 'cos she had been asking for them ever since she saw the cupcakes at one of my friend's birthday. And this was the cake I ordered:

I just told the nice lady in the bakery to write Happy, 23, B'day, Sayang, I, Love, U, and XOXO on one cupcake each, and put them in the middle row. For the top and bottom row of cupcakes, I told her that she could design them however she likes, as long as they're pretty.

If you're getting bored of the usual one huge piece of cake as a birthday cake, you could try cupcakes for a change. I ordered mine from Kedai Kek Bukit Idaman in Bukit Idaman, Selayang. The price is reasonable, the cakes are pretty and tasty, and the staffs are very friendly. By the way, if you like sweet icings, you should ask for the royal icing. They cost a bit more, but in my opinion, they taste better, and they don't melt easily, in case you don't have a fridge. The one I ordered was the normal icing, and it tastes pretty much like the normal icing on a cake. Not as tasty as the royal icing, but still tasty nevertheless.


  1. nice cupcakes, so many of them! your GF must be happiest person on earth!
    And happy belated birthday to your GF!

  2. hehe, thanks for the wish bro! she really like the cupcakes a lot. and i guess i bought a bit too many... cos got a lot of leftover that nite.. :p