Sunday, June 06, 2010

Subaru Legacy B4: Tomica

This was the only interesting Tomica during the Toys R Us sale at 1 Utama, because I went there quite late and all the nice models have been grabbed by someone else... :(

The Subaru Legacy B4. It's a nice cast, but why didn't anyone grab this one?

It's because of this! There's chipped paint on the hood, which is quite noticeable. Man, I should've checked the car before I bought it.

Otherwise, I really like the external details on this car, such as the opening hood, and the 'AWD' and 'Legacy' tampos beneath the taillights which you could make out clearly (there's no smudge at all, despite the microscopic size of the tampos). Damn chipped paints...

1 comment:

  1. the overall appearance is good.. except for the one you overlooked. but its ok.Asheville prestige Subaro car