Monday, June 14, 2010

Helang Lebuhraya Polis: PDRM's Lancer Evo X in 3D

Malaysian Royal Police's (PDRM) new patrol car: Police Highway Eagle (Helang Lebuhraya Polis). Despite the ridiculous name in Malay, this is one patrol car that you should not mess with, unless you're confident that your car could outrun a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

Fancy taking a ride in this beast? Sure, no problem. All you have to do is:
A) Be a cop. Might take you a few years though, before they finally let you drive the thing. Or...
B) Be the bad guy. But then you could only sit at the back. No way the cop who arrested you would say "Hey, I'm a little tired from all the chase just now. Would you mind taking the wheel for a while?". Or...
C) Buy a Lancer Evolution X in Need for Speed, and customize it like this! :

This one doesn't have the lightbar on top of the car though... and the driver clearly forgot that he was supposed to chase the baddies, not race 'em...
(Click the pictures to get the full size version at 1364x768)

Now, what I did was just pasting a few vinyls here and there in Need for Speed. Pretty lame you might say. But what my friend did was simply amazing! Just take a look at his work:

(Credits to danielh for the picture)
Now this is something that you could only achieve if you have the passion and the talent. And he clearly has an enormous amount of both. Check out the full details of his masterpiece in his blog:
Complete Custom Hotwheel Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Police Car
WIP Hotwheel Lancer Evolution X Custom Malaysian Police Car

*Special thanks to danielh for the permission to use his picture and feature his blog in this post. :)


  1. Wow u really good in making those toy car looks real. Continue the good works.

  2. Thanks bro! Will try my best to do more. ;)

  3. nice pictures! and thats my favourites shooting angle.Really nice.
    thanks for the credits featuring my works here.

    btw,you could add few more pics of it.It will look more exciting.hehe

  4. Thanks for the compliment bro! :D and thanks for the suggestion too! added a few more pics, though at the same angle 'cos I didn't customize the rear... :P

  5. do U have any HW skyline R33 or any model to sell?

  6. sorry bro, i dont have any HW for sale at the moment. If u're looking for the R34, i saw one at parkson Selayang Mall a few days ago. the R33 and R32 is quite rare, maybe u need to go to amcorp mall to find one. :)

  7. bro...xde tunjk mcm mana nak custom ker?