Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Suzuki Swift Sport Rallycup Car: Tomica

I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with the Suzuki Swift. It's a nice-looking hatchback, it's affordable, and it handles pretty well too. But those aren't the reasons why I bought myself a Suzuki Swift die-cast from Tomica the other day. If it was just a normal Suzuki Swift, I probably wouldn't even notice it. But this particular Suzuki Swift simply looks too good to ignore.

Suzuki Swift Sport Rallycup Car from Tomica.
Just look at the super-cool tampos! It looks really great on this car, and all of the tampos are printed on the car, meaning you don't have to apply additional stickers which would only ruin the looks of the car. Details look pretty good, though it could do with a pair of side mirrors.

The boot (or is it the hatch?) can be opened! Not sure if you can stuff your groceries in there though.


  1. Hi Danny,

    Wah.... Nice + cute Suzuki "SWIFT" you got there.

    Real car got this version or not ? Sure going to be even stuning.



  2. hehe, i think the real car is available, but not in Malaysia though... hope to see someone buy the normal Swift and apply the Rallycup stickers. :P

  3. Where can I get this item? Tomica is retail shop?

  4. Hi, Tomica is a brand, not a retail shop. You can get from major retail outlets, depending on ur country and area. :)

  5. where can i get this car Bro..i currently at melaka Malaysia

  6. Hmm, are there any Toys R Us at Melaka? Or Jusco or Parkson? These retail outlets usually have Tomicas, though Im not sure if they still have the Swift Sport Rallycup. Maybe u can try looking for it online, like at :)