Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mustang Funny Car: HW

The Jusco near my place recently restocked with the new wave of Hot Wheels. Here is one of the cars that came with it:

Mustang Funny Car from Hot Wheels Dragsterz 2011
At first glance, you might think that this would be the second colour variation of the first Mustang Funny Car of 2011, since they both have similar tampos.

But upon closer inspection, you will notice a lot of differences.
Compared to the blue Mustang Funny Car, this one has plastic headlights and grilles, plastic rear windows, and even the overall shape of the casting looks different. It's a bit wider than the blue one as well. The previous Mustang Funny Cars have a problem whereby the body could not close properly, leaving the front end slightly lifted from the chassis, but in this one the particular problem has been fixed..or so it seems. You see, what they actually did here was fix the front end permanently to the chassis. So now the body can't be opened anymore.

You can see here that some parts, which used to be die-cast metal, have been replaced with plastic, including the main chassis. Now this might seem like just another cost-cutting measure by Mattel.

But if you look properly at the bottom of the chassis, you can see that this is actually an entirely new casting. The previous Mustang Funny Cars are actually '04 Mustang Funny Cars, while this one is a '10 Ford Mustang Funny Car. You can also see that this car was copyrighted in 2010, while previous Mustang Funny Cars were copyrighted in 2003. Oh, by the way, in case you still haven't noticed, even the illustrations on the cards are different.
So basically the previous Mustang Funny Cars were based on the 4th generation Mustang, while this one is based on the 5th generation Mustang. Just google image "2004 Mustang Funny Car NHRA" and "2010 Mustang Funny Car NHRA" and you will see the difference.


  1. Yup, i've noticed the difference too.

    What intrigues me is te fact that this casting did't come within the First Editions sub-series.

    I guess it means they're kinda updating the car without considering it as a new release, which is weird anyway.

  2. I guess they're stopping the production of the 2004 Mustang FC to cut cost, since the 2004 version has die-cast body and chassis. And to make it less obvious, they're quietly replacing it with the 2010 Mustang FC, hoping that we wouldn't notice.
    I'm still wondering though, does this mean that the blue 2004 Mustang FC is in the final run?

  3. I guess not. I Guess the blue one (which i think the best version is the El Capataz one) will keep showing up on those other expensiver series like Garage.

    About the problem you have with the body not closing properly, i guess you just had a bad luck on getting it. Mine closes just right.

  4. Oh, ur Mustang funny car can close properly? that's weird. the ones I have all have the same problem. i guess u're very lucky. :)

  5. My son loves playing with HotWheels, and he always plays with his friends, all the while comparing their collections. He always tells me that he wants to be a race car driver when he grows up, and I have a feeling that he'll able to be just that.

    Clint Moore