Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dear P1 Wimax..

Dear P1 Wimax,

           How are you? I'm sure you're doing well. I mean, you've been getting a lot of new subscribers lately, and these innocent people are paying you hundreds of their hard earned ringgits every month just so that you could buy the brand new BMW 7 Series I saw this afternoon, gleaming under the sunlight, parked right in front of your brand new Packet Hub headquarters in Petaling Jaya. Nice building by the way, I'm sure it must've cost you quite a lot of money. Not your money of course. Despite the enormous size of the building, the number of parking spaces allocated for your visitors can be counted with my fingers. But it's okay, I eventually managed to find a parking spot after making a few rounds.
         Anyway, the main reason I'm writing you this letter is because I miss you. To be precise, I miss the old you. Remember when we first met? You were very friendly and helpful, and you always tried your best to make me happy. You were very quick when it comes to signing up to one of your broadband packages, and you're just as quick when it comes to blocking my internet connection when you claimed that I still haven't paid the monthly fee even though I have clearly proven that I have paid my bills. But you didn't trust me. Just because you received the money a few days late, which by the way was the bank's fault, you put the blame on me instead. What happened to the trust you had in me? I told you that it was the bank's fault, and I even sent you the screenshot which clearly shows that I have paid the bills. But you didn't believe me. Rather than checking with the bank, you simply decided to suspend my internet account for 3 days. And I even had to pay the internet connection fee for those 3 days during which there was no internet connection. Now isn't that ironic? Anyway, I have already put those things behind me. I have decided to forgive you, and give you another chance. Another chance to make things right, so that I could call you a friend again.
          Clearly, you have decided to take advantage of the chance I had given. When we first met, I have precisely told you that I wanted to subscribe to the 1 year plan. The registration form clearly shows that I have indeed subscribed to the 1 year plan. But for some reason, you keyed in the wrong data, and the system shows that I have subscribed to the 2 year plan. I've called you, sent you e-mails, filled the feedback forms, and even told you in person that you've made a mistake, and you just keep on saying that you will forward the matter to the relevant department, but until now, not a single action has been taken. The system still shows that I have subscribed to the 2 year plan.
           So when I decided to terminate my subscription after using your service for 1 and a half years, you said that I needed to pay a termination fee of RM299 because I haven't reached the 2 year term as mentioned in the contract. I've explained to you countless times that it was your mistake, I even have the black and white proof (the registration form) that I have subscribed to the 1 year plan, but you just kept on saying "but the system shows you have subscribed to the 2 year plan". No matter what I say, you would just reply with "but the system shows you have subscribed to the 2 year plan". You're the one who keyed in the wrong data into the fucking system, and you're putting the blame on me? Because of this matter, I had to travel to various places this afternoon, stuck in the traffic jam under the hot blazing sun, just because of YOUR stupid mistake! Now tell me, is it wrong for me to be angry under these circumstances? Your terminal P1 branches couldn't even handle this case and I had to travel all the way to Petaling Jaya to your HQ just so that you could tell me that I need to pay you the modem fee of RM200 in lump sum even though we've agreed in the registration form that I could pay by installment. Where the hell am I supposed to find RM200 in that instant? What use is the registration form then if it's not a record of what we have agreed on upon registration? I don't mean to be rude, but how the fuck do you do business? And why do I have to settle this case at your HQ in PJ? Are the people working at the terminal branches too fucking retarded to understand the meaning of "I want to terminate my subscription"? What do you hire them for then? You'd be better off hiring zombies. They're just as brainless as your staffs, but they don't sleep, they're immortal, and you don't even have to pay them.
         Fine, if the money matters that much to you, I'll pay it. But trust me, this matter will be brought to the consumer association, and I'm going to spread the word to everyone regarding your fucking retarded service, so that less innocent people will fall into your trap like I did. I hope you go to hell.

Yours truly


  1. These asshole companies, always give you sweet promises, then they screw you after they got your money.

  2. Totally bro, this isn't the first time they screwed with me.. Getting fed up already. Im usually a very patient customer, but this time they're really testing the limits of my patience.. cannot tahan la their attitude.. >:(

  3. you should write this to The Malay Mail. i gurantee you those nuts ppl will call you immedietely once your complain is up in the paper. hehe.

  4. Already did bro, thanks for the suggestion. hopefully this matter would be brought to public attention. I want people to know how terrible their services are. I want the CEO bankrupt until dont have money to fill the tank of his Beemer. So geram la this time... >:(

  5. Sent complaint to National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC).Hopefully justice will be served. (It's more like revenge actually, but it's the same)

  6. AHH!! Rant of the day...danny!!
    Potong....jangan tak potong!!! :)

  7. potong P1!!! lucky i dint sign up for P1 wimax :P sori to hear wat u hav to go thru bro..

  8. Nak potong also they're giving me problems. When signing up less than 5 minutes also can complete, anywhere also can do. But when it comes to potong, so much hassle and trouble. They really only think about money, not customer's satisfaction. And they even dare to send me a customer service survery form last night! what a joke. >:(

    Thanks for the comments guys! Feel like I'm not alone going against this P1 Wimax. :)

  9. wah bro u 4ward this with the **** words?
    hahaha :P
    but streamyx is the other way round..
    to subscribe take long time but when wanna terminate cepat pulak process..heheh

  10. Hahaha, no la.. the one I forward already filtered and censored wan.. very polite wan... :P

    My hometown use streamyx. I know streamyx also many problems. but at least when we complain, they take action, rather than just putting the blame on customer like P1 does. To me, customer service is very important. If they treat customer like this, then no matter how fast their connection is, or how cheap their package is, I'm sure the customer will not want to subscribe to them.

  11. Hi Danny,

    I like you had 2 bad experiences with P1 and I had to drive to their office in PJ twice to settle the issue. It was even before I started being a customer. I had a trial period with P1 but it didn't work out. Returning the modem and terminating the trial service was a really bad experience. Stay away from P1 and I'm glad I did. Good luck and I hope you bring justice to frustrated ex-P1 customers.

  12. Hi Ijuannx, sorry to hear that u're having problems with P1 as well. Looks like I'm not the only one who's having problems with the troublesome termination procedures.

    By the way, just an update, a P1 agent called today. I think her name was Tama or something. Anyway, she apologized regarding the matter, and I really appreciate it. I didn't get back the money I paid for the modem, but at least I'm not that angry anymore. Thanks to Miss Tama for her sincere efforts to apolgize.

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  14. hi man, so sorry to hear what happened to you. I'm using the P14G now. So far so good and quite stable. I hope i won't get into any issues like yours. Its good to hear that one of the staff apologized to you. I hope they upgraded their customer service. This should not happen to anybody.

  15. im also a victim of this,.. if i read this before,.. maybe i did not subscribe to their broadbad=nd packages,.. it like a turtle speed,..