Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mustang Cobra: HW

Got a couple of Mustangs in a mint condition for a very good price.

Mustang Cobra from Hot Wheels Speed Blaster Series 2000 (blue) and 1999 Hot Wheels (gold)
I feel sorry for the owner who kept these 2 beauties in such a good condition for more than a decade...

...because all of his efforts have just gone to waste when the Mustangs are in my hands. Muahahaha!


  1. COngrats once again for adding up another pcs of Mustang to ur collections!!
    No worry bro!! I think the previous owner will be glad & happy to know that this Mustang Cobra r in safe hand of one of the Mustang Hardcore collector! eheheh!!!

  2. Haha, thanks bro! All of my Mustangs are kept safe and sound. :P

  3. These old Hot Wheels have a different feel when we get'em, don't they?

    PS: i'm Luiz Garcia, justr changed the nickname...

  4. Exactly bro! Not sure how to describe what I exactly felt, but it sure felt different. Sorta like nostalgia..
    When it comes to these old Hot Wheels, I don't just rip 'em out from the cards like I usually do with the newer Hot Wheels.. I'll take a deep breath and I'll take a good look at them before I uncard them.. Dunno why.. :P