Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bone Shaker: HW

Thanks to the poisons from the guys at Hot Wheels Club Malaysia, now I'm starting to collect the Bone Shaker as well. I won't get too serious about it though, since I have to reserve my budget for more Mustangs.

Bone Shaker from Hot Wheels Hot Rods 2010
There's just something really cool about hot rods with a chromed skull in front of them. I can see why this casting is very popular among Hot Wheels collectors.

*Update: Found the blue one today.


  1. he heh!! Seem that u ady getting the "BS" poison..huh?? More bro..more!! U will end up at non stopping collecting this Bone Shaker!!
    Good luck!! ahahahah!!

  2. That's what I'm afraid of... scared later will buy buy buy more BS, even the rare expensive ones.. Dangerous la this HWCM.. always full of poison.. :P

  3. ah, so easy kena poison already? :p

  4. actually already got poisoned for a long time... but all this while i tried to resist... but in the end cannot tahan the poison, so bought these two.. :P
    hopefully i can resist the expensive garage poisons..