Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to the Future Time Machine: HW

One of the most highly anticipated casting of 2011:

Back to the Future Time Machine from 2011 Hot Wheels Premiere
Huge flux capacitor at the back separates the Time Machine from a normal DeLorean DMC-12.

The license plate says "OUTATIME", just like the car in the movie. It's a very cool car, but I do hope the build quality could be improved.


  1. There is a japanese version of this DeLorean, made by HW and only released in Japan, which has a way better cast.

    And there's a Johnny Lightning version too. I own one, and it's pretty realistic for a 1:64 scale.


  2. Oh, is the Japan version a recent casting? I bet it's very rare and should be able to fetch a good price in the market. I've seen the Johnny Lightning version as well. Really nice details for a 1:64 scale. Too bad JL is hard to find in Malaysia.. :(

  3. japan version really old..old like the movie..haha
    btw i havent got this omg!!

  4. This one i think can easily find la kurz.. u see other people always haul like 10 Time Machine at one go.. :P i got this one loose, so not so syiok..

  5. it's because ppl always haul 10 at one go that it becomes hard to find..LOL~~ XD