Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ferrari 599XX: HW SM

This is the second version of Ferrari 599XX from the Speed Machines series. I love the dark red paint they used on the previous version. Paired with the beautiful shape of the cast itself, the red Ferrari 599XX looks absolutely stunning. For the second version though, they just decided to dip the whole thing into a jar of mustard. And here's the result:

Ferrari 599XX from Hot Wheels Speed Machines
Hmm... I don't know.. It just doesn't seem right in yellow.

There are things which look nice in yellow. The Ferrari F355 looks nice in yellow, the Ferrari Testarossa looks nice in yellow, Kristen Bell looks hot in a yellow bikini, bananas look yummy in yellow, but the 599XX? Don't get me wrong, the 599XX is a beautiful, beautiful car. It's like Megan Fox's lips. They look sexy in red, but in yellow? I do know someone who would absolutely love this car in yellow though...


  1. i didnt grab this car cuz i only go for red ferraris! heheh :P

  2. haha, i only grabbed this to compliment the red 599XX... :P

  3. very hard to find that yellow 599XX.. must have pair ;)

  4. yeah, they look good together. :D thanks for dropping by! :)