Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Targa Taccar GT-R Tuned R33

Another cast that I bought along with the Aoshima Option Vertex Lang S15 Silvia in Thailand. I present you the Targa TACCAR GT-R Tuned R33

Note the price is exactly the same as the Aoshima Option Vertex Lang S15 Silvia, which is just 169 baht after a 15% discount. Roughly the price of a Hot Wheels Speed Machine, but I doubt the build quality would be the same.

Here are some of the other cars available in the series. I would love to have the black R34, unfortunately they're sold out.

Again, the contents of the box was supposed to be random. But this one got a mark besides the picture of the blue R33.

And here's the car inside! A Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33). I suspect this would be the LM Limited version, since the colour of the paint looks like Competition Blue.

Hood can be opened to reveal the engine bay, which looks quite messy to me. Some chrome bits would be nice in here.

The details on the rims are quite nice too. They're based on the Work Emotion XC8 rims.

I'm not sure whether the taillights are separate plastic pieces or painted on the cast. It looks more like the former though.

Nice details on the underbody as well.


  1. Hi Danny,
    I always a big fan of Japanese sport car especially Nissan GTR's range.
    It looks very longish , sporty , wide body & powerfull engine.
    "Perfect blue colour for your R33 model".

    Congratu.. & is a great collection you got there.


  2. This GT-R tuned R33 absolutely stunning!
    and furthermore almost the price of HW speed machine, it's all worth buying!
    I would like to have some of it if you have the extra, hehe...

    thanks for sharing and nice pictures too!

  3. Thanks Kin and danielh!!
    yeah, this one definitely worth much more than Hot Wheels Speed Machine. too bad it's quite hard to find. if i got the extra cash, would've bought a few extras as well while i was in thailand. :P

  4. Very rarely they painted the bottom of the car and I was surprise they care enough to do that for this series. A plus point. :)

  5. Yeah, for a cast of this scale and price, i really didnt expect that they would put so much effort into the details. :D
    btw, thanks for dropping by! :)