Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Custom '53 Cadillac: HW T-Hunt

Scored this not-so-rare Treasure Hunts recently.

Custom '53 Cadillac from Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2010
Don't you just love the styling of cars in the 50s?

I have no idea what sort of vehicle it's carrying at the back. It can't be detached by the way.


  1. i love this casting jus because it is "t-hunt"..ehehehe! Been scoring quite a few of this and left some back on the peg!! Berlambak ..then!!
    Btw...talking bout this casting...its did have a very nice "pinky" colour" ! And far more better in the $uper..with "spectraflame" ..which i dont have it till now!! haizz!!

  2. haha, totally agree with u bro! at first i dont like it very much, but after a while, i think it looks pretty cool, even in pink! and the $uper looks even better! hopefully we'll get ours soon. :P